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Growing a Network to promote access to healthful and affordable food
through urban agriculture and community gardens in CNN Neighborhoods

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Why GardenNet?

GardenNet was created to help address the need for healthful, affordable, and accessible food locally. In 2010, a group of Portland State University students partnered with CNN to build awareness of community gardens, food growing and distribution opportunities in our district. The students engaged the community to promote sustainable food access by identifying and connecting available resources in a specific geographic area. Proximity to resources is a key goal!

What is GardenNet?GardenNet is a program of CNN. It is a resource connecting over 40 community groups and neighbors. We share a commitment to promoting access to healthful and affordable food through urban agriculture and community gardens in Central Northeast Portland. GardenNet fosters local community garden collaboration, learning, and resource sharing.

GardenNet Roundtable

GardenNet has hosted roundtable gatherings where neighbors can connect and share ideas with urban farmers, gardeners, community-based organizations and the like. For more information on upcoming events and educational opportunities please contact Sandra at or 503-823-2780

Community Garden Tours

GardenNet hosts and connects community with on-site tours of community gardens, yardsharing, multi-family gardens, school gardens, and new development sites in the CNN area.

The first CNN community garden tour began at the Rigler Community Garden at NE 52nd and Prescott and included stops such as a proposed neighborhood garden in Cully, and a yard sharing site of the Urban Farm Collective. The final talk was given at the Hacienda CDC Los Jardines community garden. About 20 Community members biked and traveled in shared transportation to hear speakers at the various sites.