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2015 Neighborhood Small Grants Program Awards



The goals of this grant program include building strong and diverse community participation, leadership, and community connections. Engagement of historically under-represented and under-served communities is a high priority.


2016 CNN Grant Application and find out about the grant selection criteria, requirements, and examples of past grant projects we funded!


Grant Workshop: September 22, 2015 6:00-7:30 PM at Central Northeast Neighbors 4415 NE 87th Avenue

TRIMET: #12, #71, #72


Interested applicants are strongly encouraged to contact Sandra Lefrancois, CNN Grant Program Manager at 503-823-2780503-823-2780 503-823-2780503-823-2780 or sandral@cnncoalition.org to get feedback on project ideas.

Useful Grant Writing Tips We want you to be successful!

For more information about the citywide program, visit the City of Portland's Neighborhood Small Grants Program website.

2013 Grant Awards
With $24, 238 in requests and $10, 000 available, this year's awards range from $500 to $2,000. Partnerships, leadership, new community building initiatives, and opportunities for under engaged groups in the CNN area are growing through this grant program:

2012 Community Bicycle Educators Graduation

  • Community Involvement for Immigrant Teens-Madison SUN-IRCO-Hacienda $1, 745
  • Health for all Ages Fair in the Cully Neighborhood-NE Neighborhood Nurses $500
  • Madison High School Food Week-building healthy diverse families $2, 000
  • Our 42nd Ave. Community Design Workshop-Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative $2, 000
  • Scott SUN School Community Mural-youth creativity, community identity $2, 000
  • !Vamos en Bici! Bike ride leadership to Cully parks-Community Cycling Center-Hacienda-Verde $1, 755

2012 Central Northeast Neighbors (CNN) Neighborhood
Grant Awards

The Grant Selection Committee recommended six grant awards with an allocation $16, 895. CNN received $81, 284 in requests.

  • Andando en Bicicleta:A partnership between Hacienda CDC and the Community Cycling Center bringing bicycle know-how to Cully's community of color $3, 000
  • !Bienvenidos!:A partnership with St. Vincent de Paul to welcome the Latino community at the NE Emergency Food Program with culturally specific outreach $3, 000
  • Cully Youth Action Team: A partnership with Schools Uniting Neighborhoods and Raphael House to enhance the skills of underrepresented youth as they build community $3, 000
  • Off the Couch Reaches Out: A partnership with the Hollywood NA to attract new differently-abled young adults to engage in community life $1, 895
  • Padres Promotores de Education: A partnership between Rigler & Scott Schools and the Latino Network to provide a forum for parent advocacy in schools $3, 000
  • Silver Screen Series:A partnership with the Hollywood Senior Center to enrich the lives of low income elders of color through Hollywood Theater dialogues and educational films $3, 000
2011Central Northeast Neighbors (CNN) Neighborhood
Grant Awards

The CNN grant allocation for 2011 was $6, 580, due to a decrease in the City's Budget. In November, the CNN Grant Committee and Board supported the recommendation to fund the two first-time project grantees from 2010 for a second year. The Cully Community Market and My Story projects were awarded the funds available for the 2011 grant cycle.

2010 Central Northeast Neighbors (CNN) Neighborhood
Grant Awards
In 2010, the CNN Grant Selection Committee awarded five grants with an allocation $16, 836. CNN received $57, 091 in requests from neighborhood associations and community groups.

2009 CNN Grant Project Photos

Fook Lok Hollywood Loaves & Fishes
Corrazon Latino Vecinos en Alerta
Portland International Day Festival

  • Cully Collective Market $4, 280
    Community groups creating a market that integrates local entrepreneurship, healthy affordable food, and a cultural gathering space in Cully-Cully Association of Neighbors and Community Partners
  • Expresiones Film and Photography Project $2, 300
    After school project for low income culturally diverse youth-Hacienda CDC/My Story
  • Madison South Summer Block Parties $4, 400
    Provide a fun way to bring diverse neighbors together and foster a sense of community. A series of five block parties bringing close to 1000 neighbors to celebrate this summer.
  • International Day Festival $2, 022
    To strengthen Sandy Blvd. district's community diversity through art, music, and children activities-Portland International District
  • Senior Citizen Asian Cultural Events $3, 834
    Cultural awareness and appreciation events honoring Asian elders and community involvement-Fook Lok Loaves and Fishes/Asian Pacific American Senior Coalition

2010 Portland Neighborhood Grants Program Brochure
Grant Writing Guide

CNN received 22 proposals for community building projects in the area totaling $83, 500 in requests with a $20, 000 allocation from the Office of Neighborhood Involvement for 2009. This marks the ever growing response in the third year of the CNN grant program.

2007-2009 Central Northeast Neighbors (CNN) Grant Awards(
most recent on top)

  • Base to Butte Block Parties at Asian American Center: Madison South Neighborhood Association (two rounds)
  • Latino Cultural Initiative in Cully: Vecinos en Alerta
  • Needs Assessment in Action: Growth & Sustainability: Portland International District
  • Asian Cultural Events for Elders: Fook Lok Loaves and Fishes/Hollywood
  • Welcome Packets for new Cully residents in four languages:
    Cully Association of Neighbors
  • Community Impact Assessment Project: Cully Association of Neighbors
  • International Day Festival: Portland International District (two rounds)
  • Rigler Restaurant Partnership Project: ImpactNW Rigler SUN
  • Somali Sewing & Neighborhood Connections: Somali Women's Assoc.
  • Native Plant Education Project: NAYA and Friend of Trees
  • International Day Festival/Community Theater: Portland International District
    Increasing the Latino Voice: Cully Association of Neighbors
  • Cully Schools Connection and Leadership Project: Rigler SUN
  • Roseway Heights Back-to-School Community Events: RCP School PTA

    International Day Festival
    In June, 2007 a series of live performances unfolded in restaurants along Sandy Blvd. This project was initiated by the new International District with funds from the CNN Neighborhood Grants Program. Actfor Action social change theater writer Jeannie LaFrance interviewed diverse community members who work and live in the NE Sandy district to produce "A Place Called Home". The stories of immigrant neighbors, such as Latino and Vietnamese, were told by diverse neighbors while spectators enjoyed dinner at Mi-Wa's. The first play at Steamers on NE 82nd drew a large crowd which participated in an interactive role-play based on the anniversary of The Loving Decision about inter-racial relationships. The performances were also an outreach tool for the Annual International Day Festival to promote and celebrate the diversity of the Portland International District in Roseway.

  • What does community economic development mean to you in your neighborhood?
    CNN hosts a series of roundtable events for neighbors, business owners, and community, neighborhood, and business district leaders. This is a forum to share ideas on community economic development where thriving neighborhood businesses contribute to healthy communities. See the March 2011 Roundtable Event in Neighborhood Notes!

    CNN Livable Communities Project
    CNN supports Neighborhood Associations yearly for community building projects that improve livability. Below are small projects that received support:

    • Beaumont-Wilshire Neighborhood Association's Beaumont Middle School Learning Courtyard
    • Hollywood Neighborhood Association's Community Chess Tables & Newsletter Stands
    • Rose City Park Neighborhood Association's Free Summer Concerts in Rose City Park
    • Sumner Neighborhood Association's Halloween Party at Helensview School
    • Cully Neighborhood Association's Welcome Packets for new neighbors in different languages
    • Madison South Neighborhood Association's Neighborhood Gateway Sign at NE 92nd & Halsey

    Beaumont-Wilshire City Repair Project at 37th and Shaver